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Frequently Asked Questions


Mon - Fri  8am - 9pm 

Sat - Sun 8am - 8pm

1 hour before closing.

837 Westmore-Meyers Rd , Lombard IL 60148. 

In the strip mall where the Lombard DMV is located, next to the ACE hardware store.

Yes, we accept all major credit & debit cards for our drop off and delivery services. However all of our self-service machines are coin operated at the moment. 

All the washers and dryers are coin operated at the moment, but we do have coin changers on the premises. We are working on bringing in a new convenient card system soon. 

We have 4 different bill & coin changers available for your use, but you can definitely bring your own quarters too. 

Anything that is left in the washer or dryer gets put in the lost & found basket located at the back of the laundromat. We keep it for up to 30 days. Anything not picked up will be donated to our local Good Will. 

Yes. Here is the password : 0123456789

Our laundromat is fully attended. Simply ask one of our friendly attendants for assistance.

We generally recommend filling the WASHERS - 75% capacity and the DRYERS - 50% capacity to ensure best quality wash & dry as possible. 

Top Loaders - $2.50

20 pound washers - $3.00 and up 

30 pound washers - $4.25 and up 

40 pound washers - $5.25 and up 

50 pound washers - $6.25 and up 

80 pound washers - $9.00 and up 

30 pound dryers - initial quarter = 8min and each consecutive quarter = 6min 

45 pound dryers - initial quarter = 4 min and each consecutive quarter = 3min 

Weekdays are your best bet. Our slowest days are Tuesday to Thursday. 


Yes! We offer same-day, next-day, and 2-day return options to make sure your clothes are delivered to you when you need them. 

Simply bring in your dirty laundry and we will weigh it in-store. You will be charged by pound unless it's per item charge items such as comforters, pillows, blankets, mattress covers, etc. 

We will provide the detergent and softeners unless instructed otherwise.

No, we do not combine laundry loads. Every order is washed separately. 

Simply register and schedule a pick up at our website and we will do the rest. To get started click here.

We will bill your credit card and send you an email invoice once the order is completed.  

Commercial accounts are evaluated on an individual basis. Please call us at (630)-953-1220 or email us at melody3791@gmail.com for more info.